Chap 1 Pg 6

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  1. Tom Dell'Aringa

    Ok what’d I miss here? Did the robot chomp the cat and not like it?

  2. mike

    just the opposite, tom. :)

  3. rachael

    haha no the cat chomped the cat and didn’t like it ahha

  4. BeetlesBane

    What looks liker the cat’s body is the “robots” fingers.

    (Quotes because I suspect its organic rather tghan metalic.)

  5. mike

    BeetlesBane- you are right on all accounts!

    i suppose this is one of those pages that could benefit from a little color. or a better artist. :P

  6. muddkipz

    Those are some disgusting looking fingernails. He could use a pedicure.

  7. MYichao

    The cat is always the most reasonable member of any dynamic duo.

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