Chap 1 Pg 9

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  1. Random

    One down, one to go.

  2. johnny

    nicely done! i like the giant action panel and the word spread across it! looking forward to the next pages!

  3. mike

    random- only one, eh? ;)

    johnny- thanks! although i find it funny that the Xerx sound like banjos when whammed in the head.

  4. riko

    WOW! love the xerx and cleo’s cat! now i actually have a reason to look forward to mondays! lol

  5. Bosda


    Looks GOOD, too!

  6. Scraps

    Love the space-take on Cleo’s costume! Looking forward to seeing where this comic goes :)

  7. Matthew Leonard


    Looking forward to another weely pick me up…

    Thanks Mike!

  8. mike

    riko- i’m trying to make mondays better one comic at a time. :)

    bosda- thanks! more next week!

    scraps- LOTS of action coming up. then, actual motivations.

    matthew- no, thank YOU!

  9. matt

    they both are great character designs. very re-memorable. (is that a word?!)

  10. Alan D Jones

    I would like to comment if you could share some of the process you go through creating the art in the works. Also in your development of the charactors and creative process.

    May your sharpies have ink and points stay sharp!- Alan

  11. mike

    matt- it is now! just have to re-memorable to use it…

    alan- okay. i think i can manage that. :)

  12. Razor

    In which Cleo proves she’s not just another pretty face–she can bring the smackdown! XD

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