Chap 1 Pg 10

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  1. Og

    I read only a handful of webcomics. This is my newest fave. Keep it up, Mike. Great work.

  2. Bieeanda

    I love the alien dialogue. It’s like they’re speaking in high ASCII code. :)

  3. Andy

    Nice update once again!

  4. Andy

    also will we see a guest appearance from Cow & Buffalo?

  5. Paula

    Wicked awesome stuff as always!

  6. Rich

    Cleo is awesome fun! Definitley one of my fave web comics. Excellent new page, Mike!

  7. mike

    og- aw, that means a lot. thanks!

    bieeanda- hah! they only speak in code…

    andy- well, i DID leave c&b teleporting off to spaaace…

    paula- wicked thanks!

    rich- thank you so much. :)

  8. Random

    Is that all of them? I missed one in the last comic. Cleo has really good aim, I would only get on at best :D.

  9. mike

    random- all for now…

    and i think most of the time she gets by on luck. she just happens to be very VERY lucky. ;)

  10. Breadwig

    I am lovin’ these Mike! Can’t wait to read them on an ipad as soon as someone gets me one.

  11. mike

    breadwig- thanks, bryan! i’m waiting for someone to get me an iPad too.

  12. Jaeardy'n

    Wonderful artwork! I’m a new follower now. :3

    I usually read a whole slew of other comics in my free time, and this is definetly going on the bookmark list. Keep up the good work!

  13. Rags

    They’ve got blazzters! It zztings!

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