Chap 1 Pg 11

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  1. Jen Maihack

    Wish I could kick like that!

  2. christopher tupa

    Another great one! Really enjoying the series!

  3. Josh

    Awesome! Loving all the action kicking things off (pun semi-intended ;) )

  4. Random

    Boot to the head! How will Cleo escape now? Can’t wait ^^!

  5. johnny

    nice work, lovin the line art and grayscale. what type of brush do you use?

  6. mike

    jen- just keep practicing your yoga! “keep your back arched AND straight”

    chris- thanks!

    josh- woo! puns! :D

    random- next week! same cleo time, same cleo website!

    johnny- thanks. i actually ink everything with an 02 micron. no brush.

  7. Curtis Carroll
    Curtis Carroll

    How did I miss this starting back up again?!? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  8. riko

    Ka-POW!!!wheres the cat?!bet he’s upto something sneaky!

  9. mike

    curtis- i don’t know! glad you found out though. :D

    riko- hopefully he’s getting cleo’s bike ready like she told him too. not sure how much longer she’s going to be able to hold off these Xerx!

  10. Jaeardy'n

    Maan. There are times where I wish I could kick like that.

    *takes notes*

  11. Andrew

    Haha. In the last panel it looks like he is attacking her with his spit.

  12. Razor

    The foot of JUSTICE! *whack*

  13. Phixed

    and she conveniently ignores her first victim’s rifle …

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