Chap 1 Pg 12

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  1. Josh

    Ha! Priceless.

  2. Autumn

    Go Cleo!

  3. Praveen Sawh

    she is so hot…

  4. johnny

    haha, that little wink works everytime!

  5. JD

    A nice silent way of saying “Hey baby, mind if I borrow this?”

  6. Random

    Ha ha! FTW! Nice way of using your resources.

  7. Rich

    Clever, clever Cleo! Ha!

  8. mike

    thanks, guys! cleo is a resourceful one. i’ll give her that…

  9. Kevin


    I’m not a puritan, I have a potty keyboard too, but it’s a kid’s comic! Can we avoid the foul language. Even though abbreviated I don’t want my 8 year old seeing that.


  10. mike

    hey kevin! i think random is saying, “For The Win”. so no worries here.

    i don’t know if i’d call cleo a “kids” comic though, although i sure hope they are reading it. hopefully its got something for everybody. :)

  11. Kevin

    Cool that! I did not mean to be offensive in either of my two points…. It’s a great comic and my daighter and I are both enjoying it…. Perhaps I spend to much time on Twiter but I am certainly used to quite a different meaning for FTW… that includes ‘the world’ as the last two words….

    Peace out and keep drawing!

  12. Andrew

    Haha, he is so totally upside down J colon-ed. Haha. Lovin’ this comic!

  13. Razor

    Ha, absolutely no translation required. XD

    Cleo strikes me as somewhere between Lara Croft and Tank Girl with a little Princess Leia thrown in for sassy style. Very cool. =D

  14. mike

    hey- nice comparisons, razor. never thought of her that way but yeah! totally.

  15. Dusty668

    That guard needs a manicure, Stat!

  16. Papa Bear
    Papa Bear

    I like how it mirrors what Jim Kirk did in the new Star Trek… “… I’ve got your gun… *pow*”

  17. mike

    i was actually kinda bummed when i saw that in Trek. i was like, “shoot! i wrote almost that exact scenario for Cleo already!” i guess that’s what i get for not drawing fast enough. :P

  18. Phixed

    then steals her 4th victims rifle (carbine?)

  19. MYichao

    Oh man, the benefits of writing in made up alien language–you can curse all you want and no one is offended. :P [PS, love the comic, obviously as I’m commenting my way through the archives…]

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