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  1. Josh

    “Blaazzt” is now one of my favorite onomatopoeia!

  2. Katinka

    Awesome! This is one of my new favourite webcomics! Thanks Mike! You make Mondays so much better :)

  3. mike

    josh- you have to use it in heropotamus now!

    katinka- aww. thank you!

  4. riko

    yay lots of Blaazzt
    thats my new fave word!

  5. Random

    “Blaazzt” is an awesome onomatopoeia, and that is an awesome gun :D.

  6. Lucas

    Great stuff, Mike!

  7. icecreamchan

    lol”bye awesome gun….”

  8. MikeLL

    just saw this advertised on my site. Love the comic so far XD the title really grabbed me…in spaaaaaace

  9. mike

    riko- yeah! try to use it in a sentence every day this week.

    random- i know. you can just feel cleo’s loss for only having it for one page.

    lucas- thanks, dude! you too!

    icecreamchan- just from your name alone, i already know i like you.

    mikeLL- hey- cool! i like knowing my little ads are working. your work is great!

  10. figgyleaf

    i hope we can see more of that kind of gun in the future YAY more BLAZT!!!

  11. Josh

    Maybe it was said in jest ;) – but I took it as a challenge to work it in…. it’ll be in next Friday’s (3/05) strip :D

  12. mike

    figgyleaf- oh, i’m sure we will. :)

    josh- AWESOME!

  13. mack

    neat comix, i love gun, bookmarking this

  14. tkg232


  15. Jaeardy'n

    *runs around* BLAZT!

    Awesome sound to make. Love the kittay by the way… :3

  16. mike

    mack, tkg232, Jaeardy’n- thanks, guys!

  17. Andrew

    Awwww. Bye Bye Awesome gun.

  18. Razor

    LOL. She’s all I said last comic, plus more than a little Faye Valentine. XD Yeah buddy!

  19. Sardtok

    Awesome comic, just got here from Marooned.
    I like the shaded black and white you’ve got here. An appropriate amount of detail. I’ve seen some BW art with way too many lines in it, and I think this is just right.

    One typo on this page, though. It should say “hangar” not “hanger”.

  20. mike

    hey thanks, sardtok! typo fixed. :)

  21. taltamir

    that is a surprisingly PG13 gun…

  22. Phixed

    and she tosses away her souvenir …

  23. butterflied412

    It is an awesome gun…but where did it come from?

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