Chap 1 Pg 14

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  1. RAWLS


  2. figgyleaf

    uh oh. i sence a distress signal in the future!

  3. Paula

    Cleo continues to impress and delight! Excellent work as always!

  4. Random

    I hope what he shot in not on fire. Pure oxygen will explode if exposed to a flame so…will she :s?

  5. Andrew

    I know, he shot her a free t-shirt. I’ve seen those at ball games. Same sound too..Foom!

  6. Jaeardy'n


  7. mike

    thanks everyone! :D

    andrew- i totally want to change what i drew for the next page now.

  8. figgyleaf

    ya its a goo of some kind. exactly what it will do.. who knows? gum up the engine? ruin her perfict hair job :P

  9. mike

    there’s not a goo created that can mess up that hair job, figgyleaf. ;)

  10. Spencey

    Brilliant page. I’ve never thought about it before but “Foom” is the perfect sound effect for something being launched from a tube!

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