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  1. Andrew

    Did Ramses hate toads? You crack me up. Very nice Mike!

  2. Spencey

    I love the action in your comic. Kudos!

  3. figgyleaf

    i agree with andrew!! bible refrences ROCK!!

  4. Gavin

    oh no! why did I just stumble on ANOTHER AWESOME COMIC that I now have to read :)

  5. Scraps

    Wonderful “toads” line, love it!

  6. Nimbian

    Lol I know what you mean I’m Up to 46 I think now….
    This one Is one of the better ones I visit thou

  7. phage83

    56 now 57 it never ends does it? Love the comic!!!!! Keep up the work.

  8. Random

    Have a good time at the MegaCon! For some reason, I don’t think she’s really sorry :).

  9. Tiffany

    Hey, on your links page, Astronaut Academy and Escape from Planet Nowhere both link to the same site as The Lonliest Astronaut. Is that intentional? Just thought I’d point it out.

    Great comic, I love the concept and I admit I also really like your font… I don’t recognize it, perfectly suited to your art though. Great stuff.

  10. icecreamchan

    Haha I love the suspense ^^!

  11. mike

    thanks so much everyone! you guys are the best. i guess we’ll find out next week if ramses really hated toads or not…

    tiffany- thanks for the catch!! i’ve fixed those links now, so be sure to check those comics out. :)

    as for the font, it’s actually one i made of my own handwriting a looooong time ago. i keep thinking i should update it but never have the time. so i’m glad you think it still works!

  12. Razor

    LOL Khensu. “Whyyyyy??” Ah, the travails of trying to mentor a young superhero.

  13. mike

    razor- haha! yeah- only a few pages in and khensu is already consistently frustrated.

  14. butterflied412

    Did Ramses hate toads!?

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