Chap 1 Pg 16

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  1. Andrew

    Oh! The suspense! What did Cleo do to their ship?

    In other news, glad you had a good time in Orlando. I’ve heard nothing but good things about you and your work. Also voted for Cleo. Good luck!

  2. icecreamchan

    Keep up the good work, I also voted ^^.

  3. Eddie

    Man, I love that first panel!! So cinematic.

  4. Charles

    Awesome comic you have here!! I’m a fan of greytones being pulled off right, and this is definitely a high note.

  5. PraveenSawh


  6. Jaeardy'n

    I pronounced Xerx as Ker-ex. Silly me.

    Anyway, awesome to hear you had fun in Orlando, that’s actually not that far from where I am. Keep up the good work! :D

    Voting will ensue.

  7. Sladestrife

    Awesome comic!

  8. Spencey

    Brilliant stuff.

  9. mike

    man- you guys are awesome. you have no idea how much i appreciate your comments from week to week. makes it sooooooo much easier to hammer out these pages when i’m as busy as i am right now.

    and thanks for all the votes too!! it’s definitely working as my rank has skyrocketed on the site. still a bit to go to make it in the top 100 though, so keep those votes coming! remember you can vote once a day. :)

    also- megacon, as always, was a blast. my most successful show ever in fact. and a lot of excitement for cleo too! yah!

  10. David

    I just ran across this from a PW ad (they work!). Very cool!

  11. gdupons

    Good work, I like the little steering wheel in the sidecar! But one question rest: How can they survive in space without a helmet?

  12. mike

    david- cool! good to know the PWads are working. :)

    gdupons- thanks! check out pg 14 to answer your question.

  13. gdupons

    Ah I understand! I interpreted the force field as dynamic stripes.

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