Chap 1 Pg 17

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  1. Andy

    And boom goes the dynamite!

  2. Og

    The love note… BAHAHAHAH!

  3. Nimbian

    Lol thats awsome

  4. Jen Maihack

    she’s so sassy :)

  5. kev Brett

    so that’s the end of that guy…or is that him in the last panel in the background?
    loving it

  6. Random

    I don’t know what I like better, that she stole the engine or the little heart at the end of the note, LOL! I can totally imagine this to be a “WT boom” moment.

  7. Rob Peters

    Love the explosion! It’s great!

  8. Katinka

    As Kenhensu would say “Cleo! Stop flirting!” ;P
    AWESOME! Mondays just got a whole lot better since this comic came around!

  9. icecreamchan

    Haha cleo is so awesome!

  10. Curtis

    Ya know, if you imagine the guy in the bottom panel with his hand in front of his mouth screaming “AAAAAHHHH” in a high pitched voice, it may make you spew milk( or some other beverage of choice) through your nose.

  11. mike

    thanks so much everyone! love how you all are enjoying the comic. :)

    kev- nah, you’re right. that one xerx is most likely dead. or severely injured.

    random- she didn’t steal and engine- but she DID steal something!

    curtis- no need to imagine. that’s exactly the image i intended. ;)

  12. Don McCaskill

    Liking this, FYI your Google Ad brought me here.

  13. Andrew

    Awesome Mike, love the love note she left! :)

  14. eruditebaboon

    These aliens could really use a good manicure.

    Really nice work Mike!

  15. riko

    love the love note!

  16. Mercy

    Why do time-bombs always beep? Is it a union rule or something?

  17. David Reddick


  18. mike

    man, you guys are awesome. how often do people tell you how awesome you all are? i hope a lot.

    eruditebaboon- hah! yah. they are more concerned with other things. like being EVIL. (lots of work being evil.)

    mercy- how else would you know it’s a time bomb?

    david- i love your comic too!

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