Chap 1 Pg 18

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  1. madscot

    Childish Caption:
    In hindsight the extra jalapeno peppers may not have been necessary.

    Great art as always.

  2. Jen Maihack

    haha, madscot – was “hindsight” a pun? Mike-love the artwork :)

  3. Spencey

    Ooh. Great image. My sci-fi senses are tingling!

  4. Og

    wow! Holy crap those spaceships are swiggity sweet!

  5. figgyleaf

    gotta love foresight :)

  6. Keith

    Okay, start hating me now, I’m about to do some geeky nitpicking:

    There’s no atmosphere in space, hence no transmission of sound. So if a bomb goes THOOM and there’s no way to hear it, does it make a sound?

  7. mike

    keith- but the talking cat doesn’t bother you?

  8. madscot

    Jen.. the pun was unintended but making me happy

  9. mom cow
    mom cow

    How awesome. I want to be in space too!

  10. Trade Loeffler

    Great illustration, Mike! Space is tough for me, but you pull it off beautifully. And that’s an awesome spaceship as well.

  11. figgyleaf


  12. mike

    thanks for all the kind words, everyone! this page was a “blast” to draw. :)

  13. Charles

    This is some inspiring work Mike!!

  14. Phixed

    property damage = criminal activity

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