Chap 1 Pg 19

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  1. john gallagher

    I’m really enjoying the strip! It’s a smile every monday!

  2. Spencey

    Another great page. Somehow the addition of ‘sort of’ really takes the credibility out of it!

  3. figgyleaf


  4. mike

    john- thanks, man! that means a lot.

    spencey- wait– what do you mean?

    figgyleaf- ?

  5. Dr. Twiggy
    Dr. Twiggy

    I find it very interesting that those hulking aliens were the science nerds of the Xerx armada

  6. a.w.

    that’s so true!! either the xerx are REALLY big stupid lugs, or those guys are( or were) smarter than we THOUGHT they were!

  7. Phixed

    property damage to a non-warship = terrorist activity

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