Chap 1 Pg 20

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  1. Mike M

    Oh no! Someone’s gotta get out and push! Really enjoying the comic thus far . . . keep it up!

  2. Andrew

    Thank goodness they have AAA.

  3. Spencey

    Can an engine run on cats? I’m not suggesting they do it, but it doesn’t hurt to know all the options.

  4. icecreamchan

    Haha, at least they can float in space.

  5. Keath

    Since I just bought stock in Sharpie, I hope they stay lost in deep space for several weeks.

  6. mike

    haha! all your comments are great, guys. thanks so much! :D

  7. Chris S.
    Chris S.

    Yeh, ditto to above comments…

    GREAT comic, Mike…. you’ve got me hooked. :)

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