Chap 1 Pg 21

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  1. JD

    Gah, I remember going to Hykosis, all the saloon girls are ginormous and covered in tattoos… that move. The tattoos want to consume your soul!
    Not Hykosis, any place but there!

  2. figgyleaf

    love the pause before she said crap. u no she waas goin over every possible solution in her haid and came up with… well… crap XD

  3. Spencey

    This is brilliant. I love the first three panels. They really capture the ‘beat’.

  4. mike

    JD- okay, now THAT sounds fun to draw…

    figgyleaf- thanks, fig. i really struggled with having her say ‘crap’. being somewhat of an all-ages comic, i wondered if even that word was a little too strong for parents’ liking. in the end though, it’s what Cleo really would say and that was the deciding factor. it’s about as strong the language of this comic is gonna get though. truthfully, i wanted her to say ‘frak.’ ;)

    spencey- thanks so much! that really means a lot. :)

  5. JD

    Well, you’re welcome to draw it to your heart’s content, my strangely cow-like friend.

  6. willymj

    Awesome so going to follow this Mike ;)

  7. matt

    admiral hasilrig?! does he have a mustache?!

  8. Phixed

    unauthorized raid = criminal activity

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