Chap 1 Pg 22

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  1. Andrew

    Yeah, I’d take Hykosis over frozen corpses too.

  2. JD

    I don’t know, frozen corpses on a stick are pretty cool in the heat of summer.

  3. mike

    eek! JD- WHERE DO YOU LIVE??

  4. Spencey

    I love that effect on the last panel implying that they are being, somehow, monitored.

  5. mike

    thanks, spencey! the over-arching storyline for Cleo really starts to get underway with that panel.

  6. Chrysshart

    Wait, how are they able to breathe? :O

  7. Phixed

    they are in a force bubble containing an O2 field. see Chap 1 Pg 14.

  8. maarvarq

    Luckily Hykosis was Conveniently Close.

    • mike

      Indeed! Or possibly their bike is really really fast. ;)

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