Chap 1 Pg 24

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  1. kev Brett

    oooo…where’s that Wall-e type fella going?
    AWESOME comic!!!

  2. Mike M

    Vrrrooo! He’s packing a mini-V8! Don’t know if it was intentional on your part,
    but the rock formation in panel 5 looked a lot like a face until I scrolled all the way down. Cool . . .

  3. mike

    thanks, kev!

    mike m- i’m not seeing the face! i’m trying… i WANT to see it…

  4. Keath

    I see the face!

    Also, I think it would be kinda awesome if the whole rest of the comic was just the Wall-E guy puttering through various landscapes. A bit anti-climatic, sure, but really, what isn’t these days? You could say it was commentary on the metaphysical reality of superhero comics today and Cleo would become the next Watchmen!

  5. mike

    well, then you’re about to be a happy man, keath, because that’s all i have planned for the next six months! :D

    also- why does my little robot have to be the “wall-e guy”? why not the “johnny 5 guy” or the “bigtrack guy?” or the “erektor spykee guy?”

  6. Jen Maihack

    I love it! Really well done with giving the sense of spaaaaace. I feel like its all secretive and quiet.

  7. Random

    The plot thickens!

  8. Katinka

    Mike, I do have to say, your little robo-dude looks alot like Wall-e, or maybe that Rover NASA sent to Mars all those years ago…I hope you’re not serious about the whole “robot for the next 6 months” thing. I’d miss Cleo sooo much if you did that! D:

  9. Bok

    If you did the robot for 6 months thing, you’d at least have to at some point make a spinoff from this comic called “Actually Cleopatra in Spaaace!”
    Also, I can see how people figure that rock formation is a face, but I really had to squint for it. Not really a face, but more the silhouette of a face seen at 45 degrees from behind.

  10. mike

    jen- and i love YOU, babe. :)

    random- plot? i’m just making this up as i go, dude. ;)

    katinka- haha! no, i was just joking. although, sadly, it will be a few weeks until cleo shows up again. but it’s going to be awesome when she does!

    bok- good idea! and i want to see the face!

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