Chap 1 Pg 25

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  1. Keath

    Who’s Cleo? Wait – this isn’t a Wall-E fan fic site? Stupid Bing – should have stuck with Google!

  2. Tom Dell'Aringa

    I like the sense of space you got out of these panels, Mike. Nice!

  3. icecreamchan

    Ooh I wonder what the robot has..^^

  4. mike

    keath- that what you get for placing your faith with microsoft. ;)

    tom- hey, thanks tom!

    icecreamchan- oh, it’s not a huge surprise. but it is important!

  5. matt

    what a great character design. very intellectually cute.

  6. Mike

    Actualy my first thought was that the cartographer looked like Wally from Monkey Island 2

  7. Zacula

    …Pooh Bear?

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