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  1. ANdy

    You definitely have a page turner on your hands here Mike. Looking forward to the next update.

  2. Keath

    I think it was pretty awesome, despite the absence of Rachel Weisz. I think the breakout star is Khensu personally :)

  3. Ron

    Awesome conclusion to Chapter 1. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

  4. Spencey

    It’s been a pleasure to read so far. The Egyptian theme really works well. I love Cleo in particular. Such a brilliant character design. Great work!

  5. icecreamchan

    That was pretty cool,it’s the first time I have actually read a sci-fi comic that I liked :)

  6. Nitz the Bloody

    Great start. The last page is ominous, even taken as a single unit.

  7. BigEZ

    Liking this so far. Good intro of Cleo and Khensu. Looking forward too seeing more of the big picture.

  8. Alec B.

    Hey, Mike. I met you at the Pittsburgh show in April. Really like this web comic! Your art is fantastic, and I love how it has a feel of cartooning. This first chapter really has me interested, and I will be back for more.

  9. verngriffiths

    Its cool, I want those three panels ending in Cleo saying ‘crap’ on a t-shirt!

  10. Custom Coaster

    I really enjoyed the comic from the start. I stumbled upon it … somehow and loved the idea of a past figure in a different environment and on top of that a space adventurer. It’s like if Cleopatra took over the story of Barbarella, please keep this going, amazing job.

  11. Karla

    I fell in love with your art at Heroes Con last weekend, and bought a silly amount of prints from you as a start!!! I have to say, I have really, really enjoyed the first chapter of Cleo as well, and eagerly await chapter two!!

  12. breadwig

    Man, this has been sooo great Mike. I just love this story, the characters, and the art. All top notch. Can’t wait to read more.

  13. mike

    thanks SO much everyone! i’m really glad you are enjoying this comic as much i’m enjoying working on it. it just makes things that much easier on me.

    i think you all are going just love chapter 2. it’s much broader in scope, some new characters get introduced and mysteries are revealed! i can’t wait to for you to read it. :)

  14. Thorsten

    Also thanks for the comic from Germany. Interesting so far and really nice art (and great characters).

  15. mike

    woo! germany! one of my favorites of the European countries.

    thanks, thorsten. :)

  16. Ambleston Dack
    Ambleston Dack

    Can’t wait for ch 2. This is excellent ;)

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