Progress on the new Cleo book continues and my friends keep rolling in awesome pin-up art for it. :)

Here’s an absolutely adorable Cleo and Khensu from the┬áconsummate Kate Cook:

I’m pretty sure Katie’s webcomic Gronk is the cutest webcomic in aaaall the webcomics of the universe. It’s also a part of SD7 so doubly awesome! Besides a whole slew of geek related projects like Star Wars and stuff, Katie is currently doing work for the new Fraggle Rock comic being published by Archaia Comics. She has the best job ever.

While I’m at it, I guess I should also mention that both Gronk and Cleopatra in Space were featured in a Comics Should Be Good article this week, as one of columnist Kelly Thompson ‘s 10 webcomics that she loves. You can read it HERE. Thanks, Kelly!