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  1. JoshUlrich

    You thought correctly. Been hoping you would start doing this in color.

  2. john gallagher

    Mike— color… survey says: YES! YES! YES! please continue if you can in color– it really makes the art shine!

    one more thing– put your name on this site! maybe under the title– people need to know whose work is taking the ‘net by storm! :)

  3. john gallagher

    oops– just realized it’s right ther in the left, but i still had to look for it– see you in SD!

  4. Little John
    Little John

    Excellent! Love the color work. Glad the strip is back.

  5. Keath

    Slick! Your coloring skills have gotten so good over the past two years!

  6. Ackers

    Love the artwork and the storyline so far. Keep up the great work. The colour looks great, although I think you did a great job creating an atmosphere in grayscale. Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Josh

    Awesome! And I’ll echo the coloring comments!

  8. Tom

    Color, yaah! :)

  9. Spencey

    Nice work – I love the perfectly subtle colours!

    If you post a page in colour, should I try to comment in colour?

  10. JD


  11. Mike M

    Colors look great!

  12. Sardtok

    Looks awesome.
    I like the use of a limited palette; it works really well.

  13. mike

    thanks everybody! so glad you’re all excited about the color. it’s going to be a little more work to get these pages done every week, but i think this next chapter will be better for it. knowing you all agree makes me even more excited to work on them!

    i promise some more exciting pages then just Cleo standing there being all pouty too. the action actually picks up pretty quickly. :)

    @john gallagher i know! i’m terrible about putting my name on things. i need to remedy that…

    @Spencey i think that would be for the best. ;)

  14. Katinka

    Hoorah! Cleo’s back! Mondays rock again!

  15. Sean Ingvard Ashby

    Brilliant. I’ve been hoping I’d see Cleo in color someday!

  16. Michael Regina

    You know, Josh Ulrich and I were having this conversation about you not too long ago, and I was saying how much I wish you would color your comics, because you have such a great style. So glad to see you go that way!

  17. mike

    yay! thanks guys!

    @michael that’s funny. part of the reasons i decided to color Cleo was from being inspired by the work you and josh have been doing. both of your skills have gotten so good over the years!

  18. Michael Regina

    Oh, dude that’s awfully flattering coming from you! lol. I’m really glad to see it being done in this way. Also, I’m working on a Cleo fan art for you. Should get it to you soon!

  19. Mercy

    The colour… purple? :)

  20. Darrell

    About time I think.

  21. Darrell

    Looks great! Now you’ve gone and done it.

  22. Ben

    awesome comic! can’t wait for more!

  23. matt

    mike, i agree with john…even tho your name is in the circle to the right…you dont see it becaus ethe art is so awesome (especially with color) possibly put “by mike maihack” under the title somewhere??

  24. mike

    matt- that’s a good idea. i think i might do that…

  25. Barn0wl

    Going through all of these at once – the color page was a bit of a shock! I must say I like it though. Never realized how well maroon and gold go together.

  26. Jenny

    Found your website because of Astrid Johannsen’s sketch today, and going through your archive. Very much like this page… it’s very Waterson, in a “Spaceman Spiff” kind of way.

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