Chap 2 Pg 2

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  1. Mike M

    Khensu knows his way around a toolbox pretty well for not having opposable thumbs and all . . . ;-) (Another beautiful page!)

  2. Keath

    I like how you didn’t reflexively jump to the cliche Sci-Fi red landscape color scheme here :)

  3. mike

    @mike m- all the tools have velcro. :)

    @keath- nope. i just stuck with the cliche yellow instead. ;)

  4. Rob Peters

    I love the colors on this! The first panel is nearly monocromatic, which just makes Cleo pop all the more. It’s great!

  5. Jonny

    Cleopatra in Spaaace! has been one of my favorite webcomics since it began, but I’m digging it that much more with the beautiful color work!
    Love it! =)

  6. sa

    love the colours. because fate hates you! i love that cat

  7. DragonStrider

    “FATE HATES YOU!” What a brief and accurate statement.
    Also that Sphinx starcycle LOL

  8. icecreamchan

    haha ” because fate hates you”,khensu is so mean ^^

  9. mike

    thanks so much, everyone! i love your comments. i have the best readers. :)

  10. matt

    …all my cat does is sleep next to my head at night with the occassional head-butt (spelling?) to my face wanting me to pet her in the middle of the night …sigh…

  11. Sanitycheck

    The headbutts mean she’s checking to see if you’re asleep, Matt.

    If you are, then she goes and grabs your toolbox and starts “fixing” things.

  12. CyberSkull

    That cat is just so cute!

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