Chap 2 Pg 3

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  1. Keath

    That’s right, sugar sphinx!

    Is the vvroooo… the gun powering up? ‘cos that would be kinda awesome if he turned it on right then.

  2. Ian

    What, the talking cat couldn’t hear someone sneaking up on them?

    Geez, your comic is so unrealistic. :P

  3. Scott King

    New character time?

  4. elly

    That is the most awesome looking weapon! I love the ever so slight radiating light from the ‘barrel’.

  5. mike

    keath- that is indeed the gun powering up. :)

    ian- haha. he’s too busy talking!

    scott- yup! time for some new blood!

    elly- thanks!

  6. Mike M

    He called her “Sweet Cheeks.” That’s bad for him, right?

  7. mike

    mike- exactly. ;)

  8. icecreamchan

    ooh i wonder who’s holding the gun…….

  9. Kargoneth

    Looks like an interesting comic. I shall continue to read it into the future.

  10. a.w.

    yeah, it so intresting! and sweet cheeks is probably bad for him.

  11. figgyleaf

    whoever it is i pitty them.

  12. a.w.

    THIS is gonna be good,eh,mike?

  13. Jim

    Found you through Katie Cooks website (Better buy her a drink!) you ROCK! I love this one Now Mondays won’t seem as s***ty!

    Any chance of seeing Cleo in a Bikini? ;) :O

  14. mike

    thanks so much everyone!

    @a.w.- well, i HOPE so…

    @jim- thanks, man! katie is awesome. i’d buy her a drink but i think she’s sticking strictly to water and juices nowadays. ;) RE: bikini- umm.. unlikely.

  15. Nother Mike
    Nother Mike

    See, now I would have called her “doll face honey baby”, cuz I am so be-smitten… =;D

  16. C.W. Roden
    C.W. Roden

    Love the gun. It looks sorta like a Klingon disruptor design from the Original Series Star Trek.

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