Chap 2 Pg 4

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  1. Keath

    Very polite! That’s what’s wrong with robbers these days – they’ve forgotten the simple civility of bandits past.

  2. sa

    oooh space cowboys/ bandits (?)

  3. figgyleaf

    i suspect a sike! moment

  4. John Gallagher

    Mike! I am so sorry I missed you at Comic-Con in SD! I must have walked right by without seeing you– sorry!

    Oh well, i’ll pick up a copy of the new book in Baltimore on Aug 28-29!

  5. icecreamchan

    At least their thanking her for the wrench ^^

  6. Jim

    Either they’re going to get their butts kicked OR they’r going to be old friends messing around (Lando and Han in TESB) I see Khensu vanished will he provide an ambush?

    Loving it so far! Keep up the awesome work!

  7. justJENN

    Argh! I missed seeing you at SDCC and I was just over a row in N!!

  8. Random

    Rob you with a smile :).

  9. walta

    Hey Mike it was great meeting another avengers fan at SDCC! We love our prints and are in the process of getting them framed. I love your book and look forward to reading it every week:)

  10. Barn0wl

    Okay Mike, this is my last comment – for today! I’ve just finished going through all of Ch 1 & Ch 2 up to this page. (I have scattered a few comments throughout the pages though. ;-) ) “Cleopatra in Spaaaace” is now, officially, one of my all-time favorite web comics! It’s right at the top with “Jackie Rose” (where I got the link from Josh’s “Tough Girls of Webcomics” page), “From Death Till Now”, “Gunnerkrigg Court”, “Dominc Deegan: Oracle for Hire” and … well, a few others – I won’t bore folks with the entire list.

    I really love the way your comic jumped in with a running gun battle! It drew me in instantly! I love your art work, I love the way you can portray, not only your settings, but the characters and what they’re feeling (like the pause – then the “oh crap” moment a few pages back).

    To this page; even if those two guys are actually “aquaintances” of Cleo’s … I think they’re in for a butt-whooping anyway.

    Sorry, if this was kind of long – I’m working on my 4th cup of coffee for the day!

  11. mike

    @keath- yup! i’m bringing things back old skool. ;)

    @sa- hope you like! :D

    @figgy- guess we’ll see!

    @john- ack! oh well. looking forward to seeing you again!

    @icecreamchan- just because you’re a low-life bandit, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t forget your manners. :)

    @jim- thanks! khensu’s just off panel. he shows up again next week.

    @justjenn- aw man! so close! next time…

    @random- exactly. :)

    @walta- thanks so much! it was great meeting you too.

    @banowl- aw thanks so much, man! that means a lot. and cool to hear you found Cleo though josh’s comic! thanks for all your other comments too!

  12. msouth

    mmmm…that doesn’t look like *dropping* the wrench. I’m guessing that the whole “don’t trust the hostage that doesn’t comply with what you’re telling them to do, lest you become the hostage” rule is relevant here. (Just discovered this comic, btw, loving it so far!).

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