Chap 2 Pg 5

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  1. Miod

    Love the bare chest picture taped under the cover of the trunk (-:

  2. mike

    hah! i was wondering how noticeable that would be. :)

  3. Danl

    I see Gronk in there too!

  4. Jen

    Yeah Gronk!!

  5. Barn0wl

    And … is that a green Nauga amongst the other flotsam in the 4th panel? (

    And I have to say that the big fella’s gun looks a little fragile there. I assume the tiny parabolic dish on the business end is somewhat necessary for the proper functioning of the weapon. It sure looks vulnerable to me … :-)

    And, was there a general color shift in the last panel? The blue guy is kinda green now. His bandan also changed from red to more maroonish. (Just wondering …)

  6. Jonny

    Haha – great page! Khensu is the best =)

  7. Melvar

    Oh, there’s a Ugo doll visible in the fifth panel!

  8. Tamfang

    By the way, applause for spelling Spaaace! properly. Some folks these days have no appreciation for such niceties.

  9. Ken O

    I love the design of the wrapped cowboy/bandit.

  10. icecreamchan

    Haha poor khensu trying to sneak away..^^

  11. Rags

    You can tell he’s not going to answer your questions when he won’t even let you finish them.

  12. GeekyWhiteGuy

    Great page with tons of little extra bits in there. Way to keep being awesome! Thanks!!

  13. mike

    thanks so much, everyone! that is indeed a Gronk doll from well… Gronk:

    …and an Ugo doll from Marooned:

    so glad you all are enjoying this new chapter so far. those bandits are fun to draw.

    @BarnOwl- that is indeed an intentional color shift on the last panel. you’ll notice i do that from time to time to for a variety of comiky, storytelling reasons. mainly though, it’s just because i get tired coloring the characters the same hues all the time. :P

  14. Barn0wl

    @Mike – LOL. Well, the color shift definitely made me do a double-take anyway.

    Also, re; real books – I much prefer real books over most of the alternatives. I thought about asking for a B&N “Nook” or Amazon “Kindle” for my birthday, but decided against it. There is something so increadibly fulfilling about having a REAL book in your hands. I love the smell of a new book. I love browsing for books on shelves at a real bookstore (though I do buy on-line quite a lot too). And, you can’t really convey your annoyance with someone who interrupts your reading without a real book – you get to SNAP the book closed and slam it on the table! Just try doing that with a Kindle!

  15. butterflied412

    Never heard of the name Khensu, but figured it had to do with Ancient Egypt so I looked it up. It fits, a traveler god.

  16. msouth

    Even better–I was wrong! Yay for not-quite-so-predictable-as-one-might-have-thought-ness!

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