Chap 2 Pg 7

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  1. Scott King

    I was thinking the tall robber (if he was really badass) could shoot through his partner taking out both Cleo and his partner… but I don’t know if these kind of ray guns work like that. Plus we all know Cleo will win this fight anyway.

  2. Jim

    You go girl! It’s about time! :D

    Loving this one!

  3. Mercy

    Cleo should heed Tuco’s sage advice: “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.” BTW, love the way the bandits have pistols that match their build

  4. icecreamchan

    Finally! I was wondering when she would turn the tables on them :).

  5. Barn0wl

    Awwww … I was expecting a little more mayhem. VERY cool moves though Cleo! (Though that ray-gun shot was getting a bit close to taking off an arm there …)

    I believe I had said it before … but Mike, you DO know how to do the action sequences!

  6. figgyleaf

    HA! knew a sike was in order… was just a little off on the timing XD

  7. Rags

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Nice shooting, Tex!”

  8. Shea M.
    Shea M.

    Just found Cleo today – loving it so far. (Found you off a link from Jackie Rose). Gotta love a strong independent woman who don’t take crap from NO spacebandits!!

  9. quarktime

    Now *twist* and *fire*…

  10. Ken O

    I have no reason to, but I like the robbers. Especially the taller one. Hoping they are more rogue-ish then evil.

  11. mike

    thanks everyone! glad you’re digging this chapter so far. the action heats up starting about now.

    @scott – every raygun works different- so yeah. he could def do that. not sure he wants to lose his partner though…

    @BrnOwl – it’s just getting started, dude!

    @shea- cool! glad you found it. Jackie Rose is great.

    @ken – nah, man. i’m hoping you like em! they’ll be playing a recurring role as the story moves forward.

  12. Andrew

    “Let’s dance.” – Maybe one of your greatest lines ever! :)

  13. Reagan

    “Toss!” Great one

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