Chap 2 Pg 8

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  1. sa

    i love that cat!!

  2. Keath

    So basically we can start referring to Khensu as “The Smart One?”

  3. Jim

    Uh kicking some bad guy butt Khensu!

    Now we’re cooking here!

  4. icecreamchan


  5. Barn0wl

    Hmmmm … My cats (when I had cats) always ran and hid when there was trouble too (trouble usually started BY the cats, btw).

    Nice sliding-jump over the bike! Thought Cleo would’ve been a better shot than that though. ;-) (Perhaps she was intentionally missing to get a chance to capture the bad-guys? Dunno – didn’t seem like the Frank Buck “bring-’em-back-alive” type of girl though …)

    (Frank Buck: )

  6. Barn0wl

    Oh – and did I miss it, or has anyone commented on the tall guy’s resemblence to a mummy?

  7. Ken O

    Cleo’s expression in the last panel is fantastic.

  8. mike

    thanks everyone! this current sequence is a BLAAZZT to draw, so i’m glad you’re enjoying it. i really dig next week’s page!

    @BarnOwl – i was wondering if anyone had caught on to that…

  9. Rags

    And now back to spaaace!

  10. Barn0wl

    @mike – YAAAAAY! I wiiiin! I was the first to notice!

    Alas, I suspect that we’re pretty short on prize money …

  11. Andrew

    Haha! Nice! In every good duo, there is the person of action, and then the smart logical one. It looks like you’ve met those requirements! :)

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