Chap 2 Pg 9

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  1. Eowyn

    :D “I’m having a gunfight. It’s AWESOME!”
    best. line. ever.

  2. Charles

    Hahaha!! I would totally say what Cleo said in panel 2 if I was ever in a laser gun fight. And I love your transition to colors too Mike, it definitely brings your lineart to life!

  3. Keath

    haha – those 2nd and 3rd panels will go in the “Mike Maihack’s Awesomest Comic Panels!!!!” compilation one day! :D

  4. john gallagher

    “Hmm. Must be French cargo.”

    no, no Italian– “Fra-jee-lay!”

    Great seeing you in Baltimore!

  5. Splox5

    French cargo… Es-cargo?

  6. Jonny

    EASILY my favorite page yet!
    “You’ll never take me alive!” – love it! =D

  7. Barn0wl

    Yep … TWO great lines in ONE comic! “You’ll never take me alive!” aaaaand “I’m having a gunfight! It’s AWESOME!” ROFLMAO.

    So, I’m guessing either;
    a. We don’t know what the fragile cargo is.
    b. I have completely forgoten! (This is pretty darned likely.)
    Time to hit the archives!

  8. Ithil

    I love the excitement on her face. Judging by Khensu’s comment I’d guess this happens pretty regularly?

  9. mucat

    Damn, this strip is cool.

    Cleo’s expressions, in every panel where we can see her face, are amazing. Full of character and funny as hell at the same time. Just following where her eyes are focused in each frame is entertaining.

    And of course, the lines are classic. “I’m having a gunfight. It’s awesome!” is even funnier when you remember Khensu’s “What are you doing?” line from the previous strip. She’s not just randomly gushing about gunfights; but he ASKED, so what else can she tell him? And kitty holds his ground: Yeah, you’re having a gunfight. You’re always having a gunfight. But DON’T BREAK THE MACGUFFIN!

    Also, if you meet a girl with a spacesuit and ancient Egyptian hair ornaments who talks to her cat, shouldn’t you consider she might be crazy BEFORE you try to rob her?

  10. Ken O

    “I’m having a gunfight! It’s awesome!” just made my day.

  11. mike

    thanks so much, everyone! this was a fun page. gunfights ARE awesome!

    @Keath – i can’t wait for that book.

    @John – crap! yah- i meant Italian. been listening to french music all week so i guess i just wasn’t thinking (how unusual!). although i really like Splox5’s comment so i’m leaving it. :)

    and good seeing you too this weekend! hope you did well. such a fun, if not way to short, a con.

    @BarnOwl – nah. it’s still a mystery. but i let you know what it is sooner rather than later. i won’t LOST you guys.

    @mucat – dude, thanks for all of that! it really means a lot. i’ll keep working hard to make this comic as fun and exciting as possible.

  12. Darrin

    “I’m having a gunfight! It’s AWESOME!” agreed great line.

  13. Brian

    After all this time, I finally noticed that Cleo’s left-handed! Also, it’s nice to see her enjoying her work so much.

  14. Spencey

    This comic of your never fails to disappoint. It’s amazing work as always.

  15. Spencey

    I meant never disappoints. I got muddled and now t reads all wrong!

  16. icecreamchan

    Haha “YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!”, I guess cleo doesn’t get out much?

  17. Rags

    You know you’re in for a wild ride when the talking cat is the voice of reason.

  18. Mr.orbotron

    I just love that the laser guns go ZAP!
    So retro sci-fi awesomeness.
    So awesomeness.

  19. mike

    thanks everyone!

    @brian – actually, she’s ambidextrous but i will say she prob leans a little more to the left. :)

  20. Andrew

    Haha! Correction to a previous comment – “I’m having a gunfight! It’s Awesome!” is your best lines ever. :) I also love how the bandit has lasers shooting all around him and instead of taking cover he feels the need to let his partner know she is crazy.

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