Chap 2 Pg 10

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  1. Sardtok

    I don’t mind following the Hykosis bandits for a while, as long as it doesn’t sidetrack the story for too long. For that matter, parallel storytelling is cool too, if it’s well-balanced.
    Cleo’s going to have to catch up with them at some point, right? So why not?

  2. JD

    Don’t you DARE stop the adventures of Cleo and Khensu!

    Besides, the bandits story will probably come to an abrupt halt when they try drilling into that bag of Cleo’s.


  3. Darrell

    Yes. Ditch Cleo and the cat. Follow these guys and change the name of the strip to something like, “One Guy, Two Guy, Green Guy, Blue Guy”

  4. matt

    ah yes…con current & harmonious story telling. This is your jedi training :)

  5. Barn0wl

    I suspect that Cleo is not going to be far behind these two guys …

  6. Joey

    This is awesome. I love a sexy female butt kicking heroine. Keep it up!

  7. lily

    Nice, found you from your pvp guest strip :)

  8. Rags

    “Oh yeah, we were supposed to KEEP that!”

  9. icecreamchan

    I really wish I knew what was in that bag…..

  10. Jim

    Well I would like to see what the Bandits are going to do with Cleo’s makeup case. However I agree with JD!

    Loved your PVP Guest strip! I guess you CAN draw scantily clad gals! LMAO

  11. Joe

    Ehhh. Stick with the story line, but then you can have the story line be about Cleo following these losers, while trying to get her bag back.

  12. Kenkins

    Sit, stay, follow or flee, I don’t mind as long as there is more of it.

  13. Eilonthay

    This comic is *awesome*! I just stumbled over it after seeing the PVP comic (also awesome, btw…Jade’s dress was purdy) and now I’ve pretty much looked through the entire site. I can’t get enough. ^_^

    ….But whatever happened to people liking multiple character viewpoints? It’s still flowing nicely and it’s advancing the plot–I’m really enjoying it! And I love Cleo’s hair.

  14. mike

    haha! don’t worry guys! i’m not stopping the story to follow two unnamned bandits nomading though a desert. that would be boo-rrrr-iiing.

    and a big welcome to those of you who found Cleo though PVP. nice to meet you! i hope Cleo’s slow weekly schedule won’t stop you from keeping up with the comic. i have some really fun stuff planned.

  15. lily

    Hey, it might not be so boring, authors have done more with less :)

    Since you do update only once a week I’ll probably check back in a month or two from now and see what’s happened – the strip-a-week thing is hard for maintaining my attention when it’s a story and not just one-offs. But I really like what you’re doing!

  16. mike

    i do not mind anyone only stopping by every couple of months to read this comic in chunks. it probably reads better that way! i just ask that you don’t forget about me. ;)

  17. Shawn Merrow
    Shawn Merrow

    Also came here from PvP and really like the style of your artwork. Also got a rather interesting setting. I look forward to seeing more.

  18. Rags

    Not stopping for unnamed bandits? What if we call the m Slim and Fatso? Oops.

  19. Andrew

    If the bandits are planning on tunneling out, I think their drill will need to grow a bit. {bad pun, I know.}

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