Chap 2 Pg 11

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  1. Mike M

    What is it? What’s it doing?!? Run Cleo, RUN!!!

  2. Dani Jones

    I love this page! VROOM!

  3. Barn0wl

    “VROOM”??? That is never a good sound unless it’s coming out of a 1980’s muscle car.

    Very cool effects on the energy surging out from that device.

  4. mucat

    > “What is it? What’s it doing?!? Run Cleo, RUN!!!”

    Run? From the awesome VROOM thing?

    Steal, it, Cleo! They stole your bag; take their Vroom thing!

  5. quarktime

    Whew. I thought it went Voom. That’d be bad. The Cat in the Hat’s most powerful thing in his arsenal went Voom. You want to avoid things that go Voom. Vroom…now, I had a car once that went Vroom. I liked that car.

  6. johnny

    i think we’re overlooking the equally awesome and ear-poppin CHUCK and CHACK!

  7. KatrinaMoondancer

    “Bandits used Threshermaw!”
    “It’s super effective!”

  8. Ken O

    I was thinking Graboid, but Threshermaw is a fantastic reference.

  9. icecreamchan


  10. Jim

    Hmmmm is he calling the Sand Worms to finish Cleo? Gee I hope not!

  11. Spencey

    Comic… too awesome… can’t stop staring at screen…!

  12. Rags

    mucat, I’ve heard of stealing someone’s thunder, but stealing their vroom? Really now!

    I don’t know what they are doing, but it’s not trying to open Cleo’s bag. Unless there is some kind of Rube Goldberg setup involved. Summon a sandworm, do this, do that, open the bag. Could work.

  13. Jethro Larson

    Came here after seeing your guest strip on pvp. I’m really digging your art. I do wish your site design let the comic breath though.

  14. mike

    thanks guys! i’m afraid the worst part about this comic being weekly though is that it give you all way more time to think of what this crazy VROOM device does. it’s definitely not what you expect, but hopefully still pretty cool!

  15. Rags

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. ;-)

  16. Andrew

    Initial guess is it is sending out a force field of some kind… very Star Wars of it if a dome appears. :)

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