Chap 2 Pg 12

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  1. Cole

    I’m really diggin’ the space cowboys, Mike. Very cool.

  2. Barn0wl

    Ooooooooooo! The ULTIMATE keyless entry! I WANT one … though I suppose using to reveal a ’98 Trooper would be a bit anticlimactic …

  3. Nick Perkins

    Thems are some snazzy bikes right there.

  4. Ken O

    Love the bike design. I bet it has loud pipes.

  5. Please!

    On your comment last week I really wish you could update more than one day a week!
    some friends I know will be recieving the link to this comic, stat

  6. mike

    @Cole- thanks, man!

    @BarnOwl- not necessarily…

    @Nick- thanks! i had fun designing em. :)

    @Ken O- oh, absolutely. despite them not running on oil.

    @Please!- awesome! thanks so much!

  7. icecreamchan

    Haha I wasn’t expecting the VROOM device to do that XD…

  8. mucat

    Oh no! They have stealth bikes, damn them!

    I want a stealth bike.

  9. Ted

    Another pvp follower lured over. Beautiful, beautiful comic. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. mike

    @icecreamchan- we really need a name for that VROOM device… “Cloaking Degenerater?”

    @mucat- meeee too.

    @ted- awesome, man! thanks for coming over. :)

  11. Rags

    Those bikes may move stealthily, but they sure make a lot of noise materializing, unfolding or whatever.

  12. Andrew

    Nice. That is way more effective than walking through a parking lot hitting your panic button to find where you parked.

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