Chap 2 Pg 13

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  1. Mike M

    Niiice bikes! I think Cleo might have missed ‘cuz there’s a lollipop stuck in the barrel of her gun . . . (Just kidding. Gun’s cool, too.)

  2. mike

    @mike m- haha!

  3. Keath

    The guns are fabulous! I think I saw Cleo’s gun in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  4. johnny

    i like the page layout for sure, action intensity, and the 3d effect of cleo’s gun – in your face! and the shading effect of the first panel to the light of the gun. nice work!

  5. Ivy

    Can I adopt Khensu? he’s so cute and witty ^^
    I love the design of Cleo and her gun on the last frame !

  6. Og

    This strip just took another step ahead in quality. Looks great, Mike!

  7. Barn0wl

    I suspect Cleo is happiest with a gun in her hand too …

    C’mon Cleo! Get after them!

  8. ChryssHart

    Excellent as always. I’m just dyin’ to know what was in that case they stole!

  9. Barn0wl

    Oh! Yeah! The CASE! Forgot about that … I was just jumping in with the space-bike chase with laser blasts and and photon detonations and and … stuff …

    Yeah, sorry, going a little crazy here – first day back at work after 4 days off.

  10. Scott King

    I’m honestly surprised she missed.

  11. icecreamchan

    Cleo SHOULD have stealth mode on HER bike :)

  12. Rags

    “Some of you probably know this already, but I’m happiest drawing this comic when Cleo has a gun.”

    But doesn’t she always… uh… never mind.

  13. Andrew

    Guns do make people happy. I find it amusing that today we try and make sure our motorcycles are easily seen by others – additional lights – flashing headlights, etc., and yet in the future they make them harder to see. I like it. Hopefully this means in the future people are better drivers… or technology makes it safer, either way is a win-win.

  14. Jürgen A. Erhard
    Jürgen A. Erhard

    Mike M: that’s not a lolipop stuck in the barrel… that’s a lolipop gun! Maybe a lolipop railgun… ;-D

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