Chap 2 Pg 14

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  1. Scott King

    Is the next page going to be a big explosion???

  2. Keath

    Oh snap, sharpshooting time! Go Cleo!

  3. Mike M

    They’re doomed . . . (the bikers, I mean. :-) )

  4. Bieeanda

    I love how the raygun’s sound effect visibly rises into inaudibility. :)

  5. Ken O

    The 5th panel needs to be turned into a Wallpaper. So simple, so perfect.

  6. mucat

    I love it.

    Either Cleo just totally wrecked the hell out of one of those stealth bikes, or Khensu gets to go into lecture mode:

    “Cleo, just because you pose dramatically before you try an impossible shot doesn’t mean it’ll actually hit something!”

    “But it totally DOES! …most of the time…”

  7. Spencey

    I love the fifth panel, oh what the heck, I love the whole thing!

  8. icecreamchan

    Ahahaha they are SCREWED….:)

  9. ChryssHart

    :giggle: Haha! Surely their stealth bikes don’t travel faster than the speed of lasers, right? :P

  10. Dadzarro

    WOW! You sir, draw like the love-child of Chuck Jones and Darwyn Cooke! And I love your selective palette!

  11. mike

    thanks, everyone! these silent pages are often time so much more fun to write/draw. glad you dug it!

    @Ken O- hmm… it’s pretty small. i’ll look into it though. i DO need to create some wallpapers. just… gotta… find… the time…

  12. Andrew

    Nice… shooting down their trails. The real question is… did she aim for the sidekick or the main guy?

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