Chap 2 Pg 16

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  1. JD

    Indeed, and much in Cleo’s favor. Gotta wonder what’s in that makeup case.

  2. Jen Maihack

    Love it!! He kinda looks like Matt Y!! ;)

  3. FloridaMatt

    Vrrooo! We need more Vrrooo because Schlock Mercenary hasn’t had a good Ominous Hummm lately.

  4. Jim

    Don’t mess with Cleo! I can hear him finish -little angel sweetheart! :D Looking forward to see what’s in the case!

  5. icecreamchan

    I’m kinda suprised the other freind got away……

  6. Scott King


  7. Mike M

    Watch what you say next, buddy . . . :-)

  8. docpi

    FloridaMatt, you are _so_ right! I was thinking exactly that same thing, then I saw your comment. You made my day!

  9. James Rye
    James Rye

    I hope she doesn´t kill that green dude (yet). I wanna see how he and his little blue friend helps her out to get off this planet.^^

    Come to think of it – where´s his little friend? Did he made a run for it and left the green dude?

  10. Ken O

    That guy is green? It sucks to be colorblind some times.
    I’m surprised his first concern wasn’t for the trashed bike.

  11. MrGBH

    Howdy, I just finished reading through the archives. Got here from Red’s Planet. This is good. I’m gonna keep reading.

  12. Mack

    LOL….got ya!!

  13. Rags

    She’s a pretty fast runner too, or has he been flying in circles?

  14. mike

    @ken- what do you mean? it’s the first thing he looked at…

    @rags- nah. she’s fast.

  15. Andrew

    Nice! And it’s good to know Cleo is quick! I love the change in his facial expressions.

  16. Jürgen A. Erhard
    Jürgen A. Erhard

    @FloridaMatt: my first thought was “if this was Schlock Mercenary, this would be an Ommmmminous Hummmmm” :D

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