Chap 2 Pg 18

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  1. James Rye
    James Rye

    And green space cowboy lost some points on my badass cool ladder – no hitting in the face of a cute girl, pal. Especially not with the feet. <.<

    But her reaction was great: "Foot." *THWACK!* :D

    And wait, why are they suddenly in a city? Was this all but a dream or did the cowboys kidnapp her for some ransom?

  2. Mike Wagganer

    HE KICKED A GIRL IN THE FACE!?!?!? There’s obviously no chance for this guy to somehow end up cool in any way… Regardless, every bit of this is a really fun to read, loving it!

  3. Scott King

    You can’t have the protagonist always win.

  4. Mack

    His coolness is so dead to me! Cleo is so gonna beat him when she comes around!

  5. Matt

    I hope you wanted me to really hate that guy – ’cause I do now.

  6. Keath

    I hope they’re on Coruscant in that last panel. I think that highway looks familiar. Will you have Jedi’s in your comic? This might compensate for the inexplicable lack of Rachel Weiss-ness.

  7. mucat

    Boo! Hssss! The cad! Find him and kick his butt, Cleo!

    That said, if I’m ever marooned on a desert planet, and I get in a gunfight with cowboy aliens, and they steal my stuff and ride away, but I shoot one of their bikes out of the air and catch up with him, but then I get too cocky and he kicks my gun away, trips me, and stomps on my face…I hope I have the presence of mind to say “foot”. ‘Cause that’s a pretty awesome reaction.

  8. Ken O

    I’m still thinking he’s cool. Someone sticks a gun in your face, I’m pretty sure it is okay to kick them in theirs.

  9. Darrell

    I like your panel design here. Good visual story telling.

  10. Rags

    That’s going to leave a mark.

  11. icecreamchan

    Poor cleo,that is one mean bandit :(

  12. mike

    yup. if you want to really hit home what an evil jerk your male antagonist is, just have him kick your female protagonist in the face.

    and to think, some of you thought they should kiss and make out. ;)

    thanks for all the comments/feedback, everyone! love hearing from all of you and it really makes drawing this strip so much more rewarding. i hope you enjoy the change of pace that starts up this week.

  13. Andrew

    That is rough… foot to face. Khensu is slacking in his sidekick duties.

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