Chap 2 Pg 19

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  1. James Rye
    James Rye

    So she gets foot everyday in her face? Can´t be healthy, ya know. XDDD
    Looks like Cleo has bad sleeping manners as well. :D

  2. Scott King

    After last week, I thought we were jumping ahead after she was knocked out by the bandit. A flashback is cooler.

  3. Keath

    That first panel is so well drawn – hope you do more futuristic cityscapes for us! :D

  4. Jen

    Yay! I’m excited for past tense Cleo. Even if it is only by one day ;)

  5. Koosbing

    Wait, she went from student to some sort of space pirate in ONE DAY?

  6. Sardtok

    That’s a different kind of smelling salt. :P

    The names seem Japanese-inspired. Yasiro – Yashiro. Akila – Akira (by the way, Akira can be a girl’s name, boy’s name or surname).

  7. Barn0wl

    Excellent! I love flashbacks … well, except for a few of those from the ’70’s …

    And given that Cleo is pretty quick in combat … I’d probably wake her from a distance too!

  8. Mike Wagganer

    Right on! Interesting and her legs look thicker… I’m in!

  9. Spencey

    Just when I think this comic is already pure undistilled awesome awesomeness, you go and cram in some more awesome! That’s awesome!

  10. crowbar

    I love the Egyptian theme you have going in the city/academy, what with the pyramids and the triangular window. And do I spy hieroglyphics on the wall scroll in the last panel??

  11. icecreamchan

    She always seems to have a foot in her face XD

  12. mike

    @James Rye – yes. she is definitely not a morning person. ;)

    @Scott King – good! hope you you like it.

    @Keath – when the story calls for it! we’ll be seeing more of Yasiro Academy for sure.

    @Jen – thanks, babe. :)

    @Koosbing – who says she can’t be both?

    @Sardtok – Akila is actually of Egyptian origin, meaning “intelligent” or “ruler of the universe.” not that i”m saying Akila is either of those things. her parents must be expecting a lot though.

    @Barn0wl – exactly! see, Akila is showing some intelligence already. :)

    @Mike Wagganer – haha! really? you have got to be the only person who notices something like that.

    @Spencey – awesome!

    @crowbar – you spy correctly!

    @icecreamchan – i know! her poor face. :P

  13. bon

    A months worth of flashbacks is a-ok with me. Ofcourse I am assuming the flashback will have a lot of Cleo with huge guns as well!

  14. mike

    @bon – welllllll…………

  15. HardWearJunkie

    Helmet Hair must be a pretty big fad in this future you’ve cooked up; seems all the girls are wearing it.

  16. mike

    @HardWearJunkie – yup. it’s a popular style right now. that, gold plating and beads.

  17. Andrew

    Ah… build the suspense just to take us back. I’ll admit you have me hooked. Poor girl gets feet in the face all of the time. Personally I’m glad my roommates always woke me with their hands. I’m just sayin’…

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