Chap 2 Pg 20

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  1. Andrew

    Whiskey is vital to any mission. When will Akila learn?

  2. Barn0wl

    “… whiskey is a vital part of ANY mission.” I absolutely have to agree with this. Especially a good small-batch Bourbon or single malt Scotch. (BTW – currently working through a bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon … excellent stuff.)

  3. crowbar

    The question is, is Osirian Whiskey made in space? If so, then it’s officially Space Whiskey, and is therefore suitable for consumption at any time during a space mission.

  4. Spencey

    Mission Accomplished! The Whiskey has been eradicated!

  5. Barn0wl

    And … I just noticed that apparently Cleo has set a trend in hair styles … at least with her roommate.

  6. icecreamchan

    YES, a character who is human and isn’t mean :D!

  7. James Rye
    James Rye

    Don´t forget that shs a cute redhead, that´s important as well. ;)

  8. mike

    thanks, everyone! i really hope you guys like Akila. it’s fun finally introducing you to another protagonist! although, Cleo is really going to need something to shoot soon or she is going to start getting cranky. or crankier…

  9. Andrew

    Haha! Mike, the lack of things to shoot tends to make everyone crankier. ;)

  10. CyberSkull

    Yes. The entire mission hinged on the whisky.</seriousface>

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