Chap 2 Pg 21

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  1. D V Patrick
    D V Patrick

    Spectacular. As always.

  2. Scott King

    LOL Cleo taking a history class. She’s living history!

  3. Barn0wl

    @Scott; Yes, she’s living history, but there has to be a LOT of history between ancient Egypt and whatever future she’s living in!

    I’m wondering if that’s what was in that case of hers … he history homework!

    And woot! We get to see Cleo’s actual legs! LOL.

  4. Barn0wl

    Bah! Note to self; PROOFREAD your post BEFORE you post!

    HER history homework …

  5. crowbar

    Being late for Professor Khensu’s history class would really be a Catastrophe. But I guess Cleo can’t help it, since she was Catatonic from drinking. Maybe the girls can make it if they don’t Paws for anything, but if they are late maybe Khensu will deFur the punishment. They’ll just have to ignore any distractions and make a Feline for class.

    (I could go on all day, folks…)

  6. icecreamchan

    Khensu is a teacher..?…..this really is egyptian themed huh….

  7. hannahviera

    Just started reading this comic. I like it!

  8. Mercy

    In the future, everyone will wear gumboots…

  9. mike

    thanks, guys!

    @hannah- welcome!

    @mercy- sorry- i love gumboots! even their name is awesome.

    @crowbar- please… please stop. ;)

  10. LazyReader

    Wearing those boots without socks, that’s punishment.

  11. mike

    wha? who said anything about not wearing socks?

  12. Andrew

    Punctuality is important, unless you’re my wife. ;) Let’s keep that between us. Anywho… love the play of Cleo needing a history class in the future.

  13. Justin

    I like the little skirts

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