Chap 2 Pg 22

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  1. Rod H.

    I love it! And there’s always one smarty pants in the audience who thinks they know the answer! :-)

  2. Tom Dell'Aringa

    Really dig this look back into the past, Mike :)

  3. mucat

    Does the huge furball really have to sit in the front row?

  4. Barn0wl

    Yeah, I bet it’s REALLY hard to put one over on Khensu. I do have to wonder about him. Cats aren’t really entirely trustworthy in my book …

    And, I see that I may have been right about Cleo setting a trend in hairstyles … girl with orange hair, 3rd row back, on the right. Though I don’t see anyone else sporting golden cobras in their hair. LOL.

  5. crowbar

    Cleo, don’t you mean, “Aw, cat!”?

  6. Carlo

    Really diggin this storyarc!
    Oh, I love that one girl in the class who has her hand shot up in the air! Look at that posture of know-it-all confidence! :D

  7. gosner

    Great art. Voted!

  8. Mercy

    How can they hope to sneak past *anyone* in those massive clunky boots…

  9. Scott King

    He’s her teacher?!!!!

  10. mucat

    There are at least two more kitties in the audience…so Khensu is a normal citizen, not a unique fellow-refugee from ancient Egypt…

  11. Hoomi

    Linked over from The Bean, and caught up on the archives. Enjoying it so far!

  12. mike

    thanks so much, everyone! really glad you’re enjoying this flashback so far. :)

    @hoomi- welcome!

  13. David

    I have done something of this sort in my History classes. Once I spotted a student coming in late and asked her how the concert last night was. She said, “Great, I just got back, erm…oops.”

    Great strip.

  14. Andrew

    Very nice Mike. Ancient Egyptians would be proud. They always knew cats where smart, Khensu is just assuming his natural leading role. In their eyes mind you – in mine, dogs are still better, and giraffes are meant to be looked up to.

  15. butterflied412

    Lol, the cat’s the teacher! Cat’s rule!

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