Chap 2 Pg 23

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  1. Scott King

    So her detention is going to turn into an epic space adventure. Why didn’t I ever get to have one of those kinds of detentions when I was in school?!

  2. Keath

    haha – that “Maaaaan!” panel is genius :D

  3. James Rye
    James Rye

    Cleo looks really cute when she´s upset, especially in the last panel. Good job.^g^

  4. mike

    @scott- an epic space adventure would be a great detention.

    @keath- thanks, dude!

    @james- thanks!

  5. lily

    yay happy 51st :)

  6. crowbar

    Great job on making it to 50 pages! Here’s to the next 50!

  7. icecreamchan

    I didn’t think cleo would have so many detentions…@_@

  8. The14th

    So is Khensu the Indiana Jones of this university?

  9. Barn0wl

    WTG on the BIG 5-0! (I [i]knew[/i] there was a reason for having a double Scotch on the rocks last night!)

    As to Pharo Yasiro … he shoulda knowed better – papyrus won’t go through an inkjet printer worth a darn …

    (Note: I like elipseses … and parenthesis!)

  10. Barn0wl

    Darn … wish I could edit to correct my italics command. Pfui!

  11. GoldNavigator

    I just started from pg.1 chpt1 and read up to the last page and this ish is awesome!!! Sweeeet!!! I like Both color and the black and white.

  12. Rags

    Ah, background. Let’s see now…
    This appears to be the distant future, or the equivalent in a different universe where cats teach history. The subject is the period that led up to the current one, which would make it relatively recent. So even at the start of that period they were more advanced than we are now.
    And apparently it was during this period that they invented books, which we have had for centuries.

    So for your next trick shall we assume you’re going to reveal that the wheel was invented last week?

  13. Quarktime

    Not to be confused with the period 500 years earlier when the tachyonet comic Bonzotron-1000 went mad and tried to replace all fonts with Comic Sans. This caused millions of people to retreat into catatonia rather than read their own prescription labels.

  14. djbeadle

    I can’t believe nobody said it before hand, but now I must say it.

    I am such a geek…. :)

  15. mike

    thanks for all the 50th congrats, everyone! although now i’m feeling kinda old…

    @icecreamchan- oh you’d be surprised…

    @GoldNavigator- welcome!

    @Rags- interesting. incorrect, but interesting. also, there are no need for wheels. it’s the far future. everything can fly. ;)

  16. Andrew

    I see Khensu said “physical recordings.” So it is true, in the future machines do try and take over – and clearly erase all digital knowledge. I must go and start protecting every Connar I know.

  17. Kth-77

    So he always was a cat, I thought this was going to go down the rout of him being a human(oid) turned cat by science gone wrong or a space Pharo curse.

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