Chap 2 Pg 24

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  1. JoshUlrich

    Dude, I’m loving this flashback scene. It really makes the book feel whole.

  2. Comixbookgurl

    ohh combat training!

  3. EzioCauthon

    Loving the flashbacks. I gotta admit, I really want to go to that school now! It’s got some fun subjects!

  4. matt

    the class of disobeying your talking professor cat.

  5. Hoomi

    I didn’t wish for a challenge during Algebra class. I just wished someone would convince me Algebra had a practical use in the real world.

    That wish was answered a few years later at USAF Technical school for Electronics. Here I am, over thirty years later, still paying for that wish.

    I hope she’s careful about what she wishes for…

  6. Ksnortum

    I hate to say it but you need more than Algebra II to do Physics. But Cleo is just going to be beating people up anyway.

  7. mike

    The future’s Algebra II is a lot crazier than our Algebra II, Ksnortum. Just check out that green board!

    But yeah, doesn’t seem like Cleo pays much attention in those classes anyhow. Reminds me of my school days. :)

  8. crowbar

    So our intrepid space princess needs a challenge? I recommend calculus.

  9. James Rye
    James Rye

    Their combat lessons cannot be that great if they didn´t teached Cleo to not look away from their enemys while pointing a gun at them. XDDD

  10. Lee Leslie

    Great stuff, what a fun comic.
    And not to be that guy, but I think panel 2 should be “I’ve proven myself.”

  11. mike

    @lee- no PLEASE be that guy. i am my own worst editor and being creator, writer, artist, fake-historian, etc… is difficult enough as it is.

    although, this does raise an interesting question. SHOULD Cleo (or any character for that matter) speak proper grammar?

  12. icecreamchan

    Algebra II looks awfully boring….

  13. Barn0wl

    @Mike; I don’t think that Cleo has been exactly a grammar-master so far, why start now? She IS a teenager after all! (Yeah, I know … I’m a crusty old curmudgeon.)

    I am wondering if Cleo will still be wishing for more of a challenge when she regains consciousness and this fun little flash-back ends? A boot to the face seems to me to have been pretty darned challenging.

  14. Lee Leslie

    @mike She certainly doesn’t and there’s a lot of character possibilities with intentionally mangling the language. But you’re always going to have jerk-holes like me pointing it out when you do it.

  15. Andrew

    Man, where was this school when I was growing up? Clearly the future is looking good. :)

  16. Scott M
    Scott M

    Man, there are some long gaps in that conversation. Impressive thread-retention on the girls’ part. ;-)

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