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  1. mucat

    Akila’s chemistry face is awesome. And in the last panel, Cleo is clearly gonna make someone PAY. (Poor Xerx never knew what hit ’em…)

  2. David G
    David G

    Oh, you know it! =)

  3. Keath

    Love the Benday Dot background in that last panel!

  4. Manuel

    Hehe how come my fav panels are always the ones closing your pages?^^

  5. Barn0wl

    Oh nooooo! Poor Cleo has to spend ALL of the Holiday Break in DETENTION! Maaaaaan.

    Happy Holidays Mike and all your readers!

  6. crowbar

    I recently finished watching the Showtimes series ROME, and the difference between the Cleopatra in that show and our space heroine here is truly profound. Although I must admit that the thought of Cleo blasting the invading Romans with a laser pistol is appealing.

  7. Jim

    Well I guess it sucks to be you Cleo! Can’t a certain Kitty step in and get her out?

    Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. lily

    Awww man that sucks.

  9. James Rye
    James Rye

    Last panel is awesome sauce. :3
    When she´s already that cute when she´s crumpy how cute can she get once she smiles and blushes at the same time? XD
    Voted for ya comic ofc. ;)

  10. Ken O

    Enjoy your Holiday break. Thanks for all the great comics.
    Merry Christmas.

  11. Rags

    Christmas break. At least she’s got something to read. Or make paper planes from.

  12. Barn0wl

    Jim said; “Well I guess it sucks to be you Cleo! Can’t a certain Kitty step in and get her out?”

    … the “kitty” put her in there! (I don’t suspect he’d take kindly to being called “kitty” either!)

  13. icecreamchan

    Happy Holidays :D, I hope they serve christmas dinner in detention…:0

  14. mike

    thanks so much, everyone! really glad that last panel went over well. i was afraid the halftone was going to be too much or distracting. you’re comments always make my day. :)

    @crowbar- yeah, my Cleo is definitely different. you have to remember, in Cleopatra in Spaaace, Cleo is still very much a teenager in addition to being taken away from the people, scenarios and environment that helped shape her into the Cleopatra we know from history (or Rome). but we will see more of the less um… adult aspects of her personality develop as the comic progresses.

  15. Angela

    Fun comic Mike. Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  16. Phixed

    ah, the sweet, sweet impatience of youth

  17. HardWearJunkie

    I don’t know if we asked this, but I’m asking it anyway.

    Could Cleopatra be the reincarnation of our Earth’s Queen Cleopatra? I know you mentioned that this comic is different from what we historically know, but I’d like to think that this Cleo is in some way connected to the historical Cleo.

  18. mike

    @HardWearJunkie – not a reincarnation. the one and the same.

  19. David

    Ah, Detention! The threat of having that on your permanent record! If it was true I know a lot of my classmates are probably in a lot of trouble from their early adventures.

  20. Andrew

    And so marks the longest detention known to man, errr, future man/creature. I hope you had a great Christmas break! Love the panels this week.

  21. Puck

    This looks like a relatively tame detention…. The one time in my life I ever had detention, I got the joy of getting up early on a Saturday to come into school to spend two hours raking leaves out of the mud. That was fun. >>

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