Chap 2 Pg 26

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  1. David G
    David G

    Can I go shoot something? OMG, that girl is a trip! Gotta give her credit for trying.

  2. Barn0wl

    “You are not in detention to have FUN, young lady!”

    Hmmmm … I just had a thought; if the REAL Cleaopatra is here, in the future … just who, or WHAT is back in ancient Egypt in her place? Maybe we’ll find out one of these days …

  3. mucat

    I love Cleo’s urgent expression when she raises her hand. She looks as if she’s suddenly thought of something vitally important…

    “Well, I did! I thought maybe he’d let me shoot something!”

  4. ah

    nice work with the bendy pen…. classic time waster

  5. Mikale

    Neat page, Mike. I like the format of this one; with more panels and all. Makes the page more enjoyable overall.

  6. James Rye
    James Rye

    Bored/annoyed Cleo is so kawaii~

    Instead of asking to shoot something she should have asked to go to the toilett and THEN shoot something there. XD

  7. Coley

    Comic mentioness due to extreme spiffiness of Cleo in Space. :)

  8. icecreamchan

    Congrats on the mentions :D and how is anyone supposed to tell time with that kind of clock…?

  9. Angela

    The girl has her priorities.

  10. Rags

    No shooting in class!

  11. Coffinshaker

    heh… that’s totally me back in school… they never let me shoot anything though.


  12. mike

    thanks everyone! sorry, i’ve been so lax about responding to all of your comments. please know that i read and appreciate every one! except the negative ones. ;)

    (okay- may the negative ones too)

    @Barn0wl – that is an excellent question, but one that won’t be answered in this storyline.

    @icecreamchan – don’t ask me. it’s the extremely far far future. they read things crazy different there now.

    @Coffinshaker – what a lame school!

    • mask777

      Hey mike cool comic and BTW if that clock is similar to a 21st century analog clock it would be 6:05 there

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