Chap 2 Pg 27

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  1. Keath

    Taking bets on what show starring Jane Lynch that Mike was watching whilst lettering this page commencing in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  2. Coffinshaker

    ah, thus solves the mystery of the hair beads! now, we just need an origins story for the golden hairband peep! >D

    anyways, really enjoying your story arc here!

  3. Barn0wl

    Hmph. I completely missed the lack of hair beads before this (even though they’re plainly visible in the title banner and links for the book and prints). Oh well.

    @Keath; Jane who now?

    And, I have to say thanks for the link to “Ratfist”! Excellent comic!

  4. Sardtok

    You could probably sneak in her name at the end of Cleo’s reply: “Knock yourself out, Kayte!” Space might be a bit tight, though. :S

    Keath: GLEEEEEEEE! Possibly with less E’s, but at least as much glee!

  5. Angela

    GLEE! My new favorite exclamation :)
    And you’re right – the whole internet DOES know about Doug TenNapel’s new comic. Word gets around!

  6. mike

    is there a better expression when greeted with the approval to bead one’s hair?

  7. Barn0wl

    Ah … I looked up Jane whatch-a-macallit. A show called “Glee” … whoda thunk it? It makes me glad that I watch mostly History Channel, Discovery and Nat Geo.

  8. Rags

    If Kayte starts shaking her head with all those beads in her hair, she’s REALLY going to knock herself out! ;-)

  9. Jim Anderson

    I knew about Cleo, but this is the first I checked her out (that’s a loaded statement). What a great comic! I can’t wait for more. I was already a fan of Cow and Buffalo so I have no excuse for waiting this long. I’ve been a fan of your art for some time. Keep it coming. I’ll keep coming back.

  10. butterflied412

    Yay! Kitties are in charge…course that’s not really different from real life is it;)

  11. Scott M
    Scott M

    Actually, I had not heard of this new comic until reading your blurb just now, but then, I have no idea who Doug TenNapel is. Possibly I live under a webcomic rock, although my list of sporadically followed comics doesn’t quite bear that out…

  12. C.J.

    I’m fairly certain she meant “Knock yourself out” literally in panel 1

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