Chap 2 Pg 28

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  1. Mike M

    Cleo’s getting another weeks detention!

  2. Manuel

    I’m SO getting this as digital download too :)

  3. Keath

    Khensu is so busted for using the school credit card at Whisker’s Intergalactic Space Toy Store …

  4. mike

    @keath- hah!

  5. Darrell

    Must be awkward to walk and carry papers at the same time when you’re four legged.

  6. mucat

    …but if you’re a cat, you still look cool doing it.

    Actually, if you’re a cat in a sweater, you don’t really look cool doing anything. Poor Khensu. Does the school make him wear that outfit to teach, or does he actually like it?

  7. Jen Maihack

    This is one of my fave pages yet! It really gets across the relationship between Cleo and Khensu with that look he gives her and how she is acting like she isn’t paying attention. And I like his sweater…

  8. Rags

    Cleo needs to work on her “who, me?” face.

  9. mucat

    One subtle touch I really like in this strip is the (boldface) emphasis on the word “concerns” in panel 2. The only way it makes sense for Purple Cat to emphasize that word is if they are already discussing Cleo…which, in turn, means that the moment Khenzu said “detention”, Purple knew Cleo was involved. (OK, maybe he/she could see Cleo in the background of that holographic link…but I’d rather think it was just an obvious assumption.)

    Also, Khensu’s “what did you do NOW?” look in panel 3 is great.

  10. David G
    David G

    OMG, too funny! And Cleo’s expression doesn’t so much look to me like “who me?” so much as “which transgression is it?” =)

    And Mike M, I gotta think you are sooo right.

  11. icecreamchan

    Oooh someones in trouble…..:D

  12. Jonas

    Hey, got here through an article on, and I’m gonna be a regular from now on. :) Great story you got going here…

  13. Rakshun


  14. mike

    thanks for all the comments everyone! i’m really glad to hear this page came across like i intended it to. sometimes its tough to know if what you are drawing only makes sense to yourself.

    @jonas- welcome! and thanks so much. :)

    @rakshun- haha. sorry. seriously- i need a team helping me out to get this out on a daily basis.

  15. butterflied412

    And he will know!

  16. Andrew

    Wooo! A mysterious charge – and a distraction to get Cleo out. Could they be one and the same?

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