Chap 2 Pg 29

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  1. Payton

    Kate is a great supporting character to Cleo and I hope that she appears again soon.

  2. Jonathan

    I came here from io9, and thank you for the warm welcome! I think I’ve found my favorite new webcomic. :D

    Kayte is kind of adorable . . . ^^

  3. Reavyn

    I’m from io9 and I’m really happy this comic got a right up. I’m enjoying it a lot. The weekly update doesn’t bother me either. The only other ones I read are Head Trip and Order of the Stick, and the latter doesn’t exactly update regularly.

    I also think Kayte seems like a good support character. Love the little hair beading joke.

  4. mucat

    Definitely gonna need more beads.

    By the way, Mike, if you wanted to get Jayne’s name established in-comic, this would be a good chance to do it. Cleo doesn’t say people’s names often when talking to them — they already KNOW who they are, so why would she waste valuable syllables that she could spend bragging or complaining? — but the large hairy person seems like more of a gentle, slow-paced type. He/she could easily say “You can bead my hair if you want, Jayne” without it sounding like you’re shoehorning the name into the dialogue.

  5. mucat

    Eek. I meant Kayte, of course, not Jayne. Those silly misspelled sci-fi names all run together. ;-)

  6. Rags

    Yup, she definitely needs more beads.

  7. MrTizzay

    YAY! I get so excited when I get to see the new Cleo comic every monday! Kayte is adorable ^_^ I could see her getting entangled in one of Cleo’s later adventures… just a thought, keep up the amazing work!!!

  8. elementalPaul

    I discovered this though io9 and really enjoyed it, I caught up-to-date all too quickly! It reminds me a little of The Ballad of Halo Jones and that’s just fine with me! Looking forward to more.

  9. Virginia P
    Virginia P

    Love the big fuzzy dude!

  10. icecreamchan

    She’s got alot of braiding to do XD!

  11. Hoomi

    I suspect Kayte will STILL be weaving beads into his hair when she finally appears again…

  12. Darrin

    Not sure who that furry dude is in the last panel, but he rocks!

  13. JT

    Another i09er here–went through the archive yesterday and loved it :-) That big furry thing in the last panel is awesome.

  14. Page-Mistress

    What a nice hairy alien!

  15. HEMitche

    I hope I get to see the furry guy completely beaded later in this comic.

  16. witjoe

    I am one of the people sent by io9 and I love the style here. Keep up the amazing work!

  17. mike

    so cool to hear from so many of you io9ers! welcome guys!

    and also cool that Kayte has gotten such a warm reception. she’ll show back up here and there even though she’s not a super-prominent character in the comic (at least not yet). i’ll have her do more than just bead everyone’s hair from time to time though. :)

  18. KmndntKlink

    Love your comic Mike (props to io9 once again lol) I bought the e-book 1 and am looking forward to a digital version of book 2 (maybe a cbz or epub?)! Love all the characters, great work, keep it up!

  19. Andrew

    Nice, and it looks like Kayte has found a friend for life. :)

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