Chap 2 Pg 30

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  1. Mike M

    Like the cityscape! Nice! :-)

  2. Barn0wl

    Hmmm… must be testing hyperspatial dynamics theories …

    Or is he just playing DOOM 52

  3. Bieeanda

    That building looks like an upside-down Black Lantern symbol.

    Nothing good can come of that site. Nothing, I tell you.

  4. Frank M Hansen

    I love the colors, the design and everything else about your comic. Amazing work. You make my webcomic look pretty bland.

  5. icecreamchan

    I love the futuristic cityscape :) although I would really hate falling off one of those walkways…..

  6. Jim

    I see they even goof off in the future! Congrats on Cleo winning! I knew she would! Probably off partying!

  7. Angela

    Buffers are the key to sanity! And excellent page once again. Interested to find out what happens when someone walks into this guy’s office expecting him to actually be working…

  8. crowbar

    The cityscape reminds me of L.A. in Blade Runner.

  9. PurpleKoopa

    Good gravy, that’s some great perspective in the first panel.

  10. Spencey

    Wow! This page looks incredible. It must have taken forever to draw. Take the rest of the day off – you’ve earned it!

    No, wait, I want more comics …get back to work on page 31!

  11. mike

    thanks so much everyone. this page did indeed take forever. at the same time it’s a nice change of pace to draw some cityscapes. plus i really wanted to show Yasiro Academy at night. :)

    @Bieeanda- oh my! you’re right! i suppose that is a bad omen. guess we’ll have to see if any old dead pharaohs start popping up…

    @Frank M Hansen- hardly. your comic is incredible. thanks for the kind words!

    @icecreamchan- don’t worry. there’s always another walkway to break their fall. ;)

  12. Ken O

    Yay convention schedule! See you at Mega

  13. travsthebean

    So what game is he playing????

  14. Andrew

    Wow. That first panel is AMAZING! The rest is good too, don’t get me wrong, but that first one takes your breath away and truly transports you to the future. I love it.

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