Chap 2 Pg 32

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  1. David G
    David G

    What a little stinker. Look at her turning on the charm. Too funny, our girl Cleo.

  2. Keath

    I’m hoping to get down to Miami next weekend and see you guys but having 2 mogwai means planning that far in advance is difficult :D

  3. mike

    thanks david!

    keath- that’d be awesome if you came down! megacon is coming up soon too.

  4. Reavyn

    Ha ha! Love it. The realization, the charm, the shoot down!

  5. thecheckeredman

    I L-O-V-E panel 4!

  6. Randall

    I’m actually less than an hour away from that con, and yet somehow I didn’t know about it; I seriously will consider going now. Thanks for mentioning it, Mike!

  7. Mikey

    Oh my god, panel 4. So great.

  8. Rakshun

    SWEEEET 8)

  9. icecreamchan

    I love how his game was like BRIING ZAP and then ……bloop….. when he found out what cleo wanted XD

  10. shadowmaat

    I’ll be minioning at ECCC. Hopefully I’ll have time to swing by and admire stuff.

  11. Angela

    Brian, you think you have resolve but Cleo will melt you like butter. I guarantee it.

  12. Barn0wl

    And in the 4th panel we see how both Julius Ceasar and Mark Antony got into trouble …

  13. crowbar

    @Barn0wl: I was going to make a comment about how Marc Antony fell for that look as well, but you beat me to it!

  14. Frank M Hansen

    Wow. I could stare at your work on this comic for hours. Such a great mix of colors, lighting and cartooning design. Plus the characters are so solid. Great stuff.

  15. DragonStrider

    Cleo smilling is just so cute XD

  16. The Cap
    The Cap

    Cleo is so adorable! How can he say no?! I’d cave right away.

  17. James Rye
    James Rye


    But she must have done that look alot till now if that guy already build up a resistenz against it.^^

  18. mike

    thanks so much everyone! it makes my day to know that forth panel came across the way i intended it. you never know if a page is going to work when you try something different like that.

    and yeah. brian must have a heart of steel. or coal. i would have caved.

    @Randall & @shadowmaat – cool! hope to see you both.

  19. Retro

    And with this I’m all caught up.

    Yosha dude. Caught the comic through a link from School Bites. I’m liking what am seeing so far. Cleo such a quirky character. Wants to prove herself but not so full of herself either. Great balance. And the art just as wonderful too. Will love seeing where the story goes in the following weeks. Keep up the good work.

  20. mike

    thanks, retro! :D

  21. CyberSkull

    Manipulation via adorable.

  22. Stephen

    hahahaha! Love the charm.

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