Chap 2 Pg 33

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  1. Reavyn

    I love that “I know what you want” look!

  2. Frank M Hansen

    Love panel 3 & 4. You know you are onto something when the reader keeps wanting to hit the “next” button but will have to wait till next Monday to see it. That’s how I feel right now!

  3. James Rye
    James Rye

    Awesome page! (*.*)b

    Looks like boys can never win against girls, does it? XD

    Loved first and last panel the most, first cause of the expression and last cause of the movement. Very nice done.^^

  4. Barn0wl

    @James Rye; No, boys can NEVER win against a pretty girl. And I definitely agree about the first and last panels.

    Oh … and I’m guessing Cleo will completely forget to mention the winter dance (and Brian) to Akila. Excellent work Mike!

  5. JT

    Oh, Brian. You never stood a chance :D

  6. Jhon

    very nice keep up the good work

  7. nephi999

    love cleo, she looks so cute. brilliant.

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