Chap 2 Pg 34

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  1. Rags

    When a character is interrupted in the middle of sweeping a card, you just know something’s going to happen…

  2. David G
    David G

    Yes, and I can’t imagine a more likely character for it to happen to. ^.^ Watch it, Cleo. You know curiosity killed the cat, right?

  3. Hoomi

    You mean, with ALL that technology, they still have to SWIPE the card? Dang. Even here at the Bomb Factory, where we’re still using 70s and 80s era computer equipment, we have proximity readers for the badges. Okay, the building where the engineers work has the proximity readers. We lowly hourly techs still have to swipe our badges, but hey. The technology is there.

    Enjoy Seattle. I hope to make it up there someday soon. We have some friends up there we’d love to visit, and it would be cool to actually visit the Utilikilts headquarters store.

  4. Snaptophobic

    Loving that Star Trek door opening noise. =o)

  5. Edd

    It was great seeing you at the con. I was the one who yelled ‘Mike!’ from halfway across the aisle and made my companion buy Cleopatra. (It wasn’t a tough sell). Glad you could make it.

    Make sure you folks see the Fremont Troll.

  6. Comixbookgurl

    What trouble will she get into now?!

  7. Angela

    I really like the entire design concept you have going here. Love the door the best – Egypt + Hi-tech = awesome.

  8. crowbar

    I agree, the Egyptian (Osirian?) cat-door is purrfect!

  9. Kaitlin

    New reader here. I think you were the one I talked to about black comic book characters, Storm = dark cloud? XD ECC was so much fun!

  10. icecreamchan

    Swiping cards always looks so fun…^^

  11. mike

    thanks everyone!

    @Edd- shoot! missed the Troll.

    @kaitlin- welcome! and yes- that was me. :)

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