Chap 2 Pg 35

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  1. thecheckeredman

    I absolutely love the panel 6-7 sequence…great storytelling!

  2. mike

    @thecheckeredman- haha. your comment totally reminded me my own comic went up today. last week went by too fast.

  3. Caz

    There always seems to be a ventilation duct that would bypass a security door. When will those silly engineers ever learn? ;)
    Great page as usual! :D

  4. Rags

    Of course they need air on the other side of the door too…

  5. James

    I *just* realized that the skeleton key looked like a skull. Nice. ^_^ Although I might not have if I hadn’t been wondering why “skeleton” was bolded instead of “great”.

  6. crowbar

    The failure of the skeleton card seems to have really frustrated Cleo. I’m not surprised that she feels the need to vent.

  7. Barn0wl

    Ah … the last resort of all sneaky-peeps … the ventilation shafts. I have this long-running history running through my head of t.v. shows that have used this as a way to get to otherwise inaccessable areas, starting with “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” – I swear the “Seaview” submarine had more available space as ventilation ducts than all other spaces combined. LOL! Don’t get me wrong Mike, I actually love this as a plot device and am looking forward to whatever trouble Cleo gets into once she’s in there.

    BTW – when I was in the Navy, I actually had to go into a large ventilation crawl space to remove and calibrate a sensor … ventilation ducts are NOT all clean and shiny in real life. Yuck!

    @James; Jeeze … I hadn’t noticed that till you mentioned it! LOL

  8. Barn0wl

    And I just thought; Gene Roddenberry had decided he didn’t want people using “ventilation shafts” to sneak around the Enterprise … so he gave them Jeffries Tubes instead.

  9. Rags
  10. mike

    thanks, everyone! i think every action comic writer has a responsibility to Die Hard up their story at least once. ;)

    @James- yup! good eye. it wasn’t meant to be obvious. it was just a fun subtle way to differentiate the card a bit. i wasn’t even expecting anyone to catch that.

    @crowbar- haha! ouch.

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